Speaking Toics Answer 7

1) What do you think are the differences between families in and past and today, and what have caused these changes?

In the past, there were several children in a family. But now, government has is sued "one--child policy" to limit the size of the family. So, there is only one child in a family. Couples will be punished financially if they have more than one child. This is "one -- child policy ".

2)What is your opinion of "one--child policy"?
I agree with one--child policy. Because it is difficult to provide enough food and education for a large number of people. So, government must control the population. Also, it is the best way that we can find to control population.

3)What has your government done to support families?
Such as Project Hope . It means that government supports the students in poor families to continue their schooling and improving their education conditions.(6/1999 P10) In addition, our government establishes bead house to provide services for old people who have more difficulties or no families to take care of them. (3/199 9 P34)

12 Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education. You should say:
where you met them
what subject they taught
what was special about them
and explain why this person influenced you so much.

I think my first English teacher has greatly influenced me in my education. I had some trouble in studying English when I studied in middle school. I felt English was very difficult, so I didn’t like to study it .One day, my English teacher spoke to me about the study of foreign languages . He said :" You must do a lot of reading , listening and speaking . Never mind, keep on trying, I believe you are a good student." In the years that followed , I studied hard and made greater progress. My English teacher loved his job and he was knowledgeable in his field. I love and respect him.

1) compare the differences between education in your city with them in 20 years ago?

In the past, many children can't go to school, and educational conditions were very poor. But now, government provide 9 years compulsory education. Each child who is 7 years old must go to school. And government provide much better facilities
and staff. Also, schoolyards are beautiful than before.

2) compare the differences between university and middle school?
We study basic knowledge in the middle school. But the course of university is practical and special, such as computer and business courses.

3)compare the differences between students now and past .
At present , it is difficult for student to find job. So, their pressure is he havier than before.

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